Saturday, February 26, 2011

KAWEAH LAKE on the edge HDDSLR test project

I made a short video of one of my new favorite places in the central valley of Cali. Kaweah Lake. I shot some video on the edge of the water and some in the water on a little fishing boat with some freinds, Josh Zucker and Brian Johnson.
I shot everything on a canon 7D with a 90mm tiltshift lens and a 70-200mm. The shutter was on lock at 160 and the iso was at 100.
I had the format at 1080, 60 so I could slo the clips down using cinema tools.
Its super basic, but it was a way for me to relax and test out sticking to one setting for an entire shoot. Sometimes when shooting action sports the formats can vary because there are so man different people involved with many different cameras. ENJOY

the MUSIC artists are, Band of Horses...
song title: on my way back home
album: infinite arms
label: columbia records (the band was previously on subpop)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

DETROIT drive by

I grew up in Mt. Clemens Michigan. I played music and skated everyday from the time I was 14 until I moved to California in 1991. We skated downtown Detroit and frequented a few abandon buildings to visit our squatter friends and sometimes drove up and down Woodward boulevard looking at hookers and taunting them, besides that, I never really knew much about the place.
I do now. Its in ruins. If this great nation is headed in a downward spiral, its starting here.
These pics are drive by snapshots. It would be way too much to show how many homes and buildings look like these.
I want it to be known that my intent for showing these images is not for art but awareness. every big city has its struggles, there is no doubt in my mind if you took a trip around detroit like I had on this day you would be shocked at the ruin. These houses burn and are left smack dab in the middle of perfectly fine houses..... for years. The city is a wreck.
I desire for this place to rise up again. It begins with awareness, so now your semi aware.

Monday, December 27, 2010

FAMILY trip to KAWEAH LAKES Dec 26th 2010

Family Trip to Three Rivers
Molly and Barbara's address, for those that know!
Molly and Barbara' beautiful country home!
Three Rivers smeared
Olyvia at the rivers edge
Olyvia, "it stinks"
Olyvia and Mommy watch americas next top model, everyday on youtube!
Tiltshift houseboats

Mommy and the kids

Kaweah Lake

The day after Christmas the family and I took a peaceful drive to Three Rivers, a small town along the 198 freeway in the central valley of Ca. just a few miles before the Sequoia National Forest entrance. We took a pit stop at Molly and Barbara's house, (amazing people and long time freinds of ours. Val fed the baby in the car while Olyvia and I walked down to the river.

On our way home we stopped at Kaweah lakes to snap some shots of the sun setting on the mountains and the little houseboats.
What a peaceful day it was and we got some nice images to remember it by as well. Enjoy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

X GAMES 16 MOTO and MEGA RAMP photography

The LA Colosseum
Morgan Wade X Games 16 Mega Ramp Practice 2010
Bob Burnquist Gives Lincoln Ueda the boot. Gnarly!
Bob Getting ready to drop....
Asterisk medical care
backflip no hander

I shot the following images this past summer at X Games 16. I have the Honor of the head Judge position for the Mega Ramp (aka BIG AIR) event at X Games. SO when im not judging I wander around and shoot photos of whatever catches my eye.
I brought 2 lenses with me, the canon tiltshift 90mm and a sigma 18-200mm. I used the tiltshift most often because its SO DAMN RAD and fun to TRY and use. I say try because its not easy at all to work with.
There are a few moto pics I shot that I was so damn fortunate to capture with this lens.

The speed of the riding and then actually capturing the right moment is extremely difficult. I was determined to get a few bangers to bring back to Camp Woodward and show the crew.
This first set is all Tiltshift images shot on the canon 7D.